Welcome!  Our professional theater offers original quality productions & workshops
in English for all ages, performed year-round across Israel.

אנגלית על במה הינו תיאטרון מקצועי דובר אנגלית, עם מגוון הצגות באנגלית, מופעים באנגלית, וסדנאות וקורסים באנגלית לכל הגילאים בכל הארץ.  הקליקו כאן לעברית


English On Stage is a unique professional theater with a rich repertoire of original quality plays in English, shows in English, English-only workshops and classes, special events, and unique productions for children and adults.  Productions and workshops are performed and lead by professional, trained, and experienced English-speaking actors and actresses.  English On Stage performs year-round in theaters, schools, private events, corporate venues, and other educational and cultural facilities across Israel.  English theater like no other!  Learn more here.