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“Nostalgia is alive and kicking!”
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“Tom’s Diner found its way into my heart.”
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“Fast-paced, well-polished.  If you’re young at heart and a little nostalgic, you’ll have a great time at Tom’s Diner!”
Sharon Bacher, Ra’anana

“I was in the audience of Tom’s Diner last night. Well done! I thoroughly enjoyed it, loved the music and was thrilled to see such a talented cast, with such superb voices.”
Linda S., Hertzeliya

“Tom’s Diner is a magical musical with a wonderfully talented cast. It mixed hilarious comic moments with a keyhole peek at the 1960’s small town women, and their dilemma between marriage or a college education. The acting, dancing and singing made me want to leap onto the tables and swing, twist and shout with all the numbers.”
Debbie Meltzer, Hod Hasharon

“A truly enjoyable evening reminding me of my teens. Each and every one of the performers really ‘lived’ their part and the voices were like angels. This is a MUST see!”
Tessa G., Ra’anana

“This was a surprising evening. I never expected such a wonderful combination of talents, such voices, such dancing, such acting.  You just felt you were in good hands. Thank you for an unforgettable experience!”
Don S., Netanya

“I thoroughly enjoyed Tom’s Diner, from beginning to end. The show was original, funny, poignant and fun.  In addition, the acting, costumes, songs and dances were professional and well acted. It seemed as though the cast was enjoying itself as much as the audience, which was singing along and clapping to the songs we all remember.”
Debbie P., Hertzeliya

“We could see from the people around us that everybody could associate with the characters and enjoyed every moment.   The quality of the performances exceeded my expectations and I must congratulate you on a show well put together and actors well chosen… We would definitely be interested to see another production of English on Stage.”
E. Prins, Tel Aviv 

“WOW! What a totally fun night!  It was such fun! You are all great– acting, singing, dancing, just great!”
Lori Erlich, Hod Hasharon

“The story is adorable and the actors are warm and engage the audience. And the music will take you back if you grew up then and will be a terrific introduction and experience for the younger crowd.”
Rob D., Ra’anana

“It was fantastic!  We enjoyed every minute.  So when is the next one?”
Debbie Cohen-Abravanel, Hod Hasharon

“I have to say that Tom’s Diner was one of the best musical shows I have seen in ages. It was light, beautifully put together with perfect acting by everyone involved.   My favourite music is from the 60’s so I was blown away by the whole programme. If I had had the opportunity, I would have seen it a second time.”
Stuart M., Ra’anana

“We really enjoyed Tom’s Diner. Some very talented singers gave us a fabulous trip down memory lane. This atmosphere was brought alive beautifully through the simple but effective props.”
Helen G., Tsofit

“Tom’s Diner will send you back to a time that probably only ever existed in our cultural imaginations. It is a delightful amalgam of “Happy Days” and “Grease,” featuring terrific songs and dance routines that have you itching to join in.”
Peter G., Ra’anana

“Tom’s Diner is a super professional and highly-polished production. KOL HAKAVOD [congrats]!”
Sharon Evans, Hod Hasharon

“I was blown away by the talent!  The acting, the singing, the dancing!!  I loved the set, too!!  What an incredible production!  I hope that this is the start of many more plays.”
Allana Miller, Rosh Ha’ayin

“To be honest, since I hadn’t heard anything about this musical before, at first I didn’t want to go to see it. But, when I heard the positive response of friends who had visited Tom’s Diner, I took another friend with me and, to make the long story short, we are so glad we went!”
Katharina, Hertzeliya




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