Music Evolution


Breeze through the 20th Century and discover how American music
evolved to what it is today!

music-bigThis musical play revolves around best friends, a birthday present, and the 20th Century in American music!  This play serves as an excellent trigger for further discussion or extensive activities. Prepare to get your toes tapping with songs from various genres such as Jazz, Rock and Roll, Pop, and more…

*Ask us about the MULTI-MEDIA version of this play,
which showcases prominent and influential people, fashions, lifestyles, common items, inventions, and major events of each decade of the 20th-Century in the United States.

Target Audience: Grades 9-12 (EFL), can be adapted for various levels.
Duration: 60 minutes, including a discussion session following the play

Schools who order this play will receive a special Teacher’s Enrichment Booklet
prior to the show, including preparatory activities as well as suggestions for long-term projects!


MusicEvolution2  MusicEvolution1



“What happened here is a part of all the English experience, and to sit here from my point of view and see the kids practice English in such a fun way… I’m thrilled.”
— Hashita School, Rehovot

“The feedback was very good and the kids certainly enjoyed themselves AND had a positive learning experience.  Once again, thank you.”
— Ort High School, Wadi Salame

“At my school I was so happy that the students enjoyed the show.  They laughed a lot!”
— Ort Hilmi Shafi High School, Acco

“Thank you again for a great performance.  It was so clear and enjoyable.  All our students share the same opinion that they really enjoyed it.  We are glad that you too liked the audience.  It means a lot to us.”
— Ort High School, Maghar


MEIRAV ZUR has produced & performed in numerous stage productions across Israel, TV & film roles, student films, and promotional films. Training: Georgia State University.  Meirav founded English On Stage in 2005, is part of the Maniact improv ensemble, produces special events such as the National Glee Plus Competition, and coaches workshops & classes.


NOA HAR-PAZ has performed as Julia in Romeo and Juliet and Eleanor (Tel Aviv, ind.), Abandoned Property (Tzavta theater, ind.), and sings in her own original production, Love is The Whole Story (Hebrew, ind.).  Noa’s screen work includes student films and films of the international 48-Hour Film Project.  Training:  Tel Aviv University.  Noa has been performing in several of English On Stage’s productions & workshops since its founding.