Classes & Workshops

English On Stage also offers theater workshops & classes for children and adults, IN ENGLISH, by English-speaking professional actors and trained arts practitioners (SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THEM ALL):




“Act in English” provides non-native English-speaking actors with practical pronunciation skills to gain confidence while acting in English and further their acting skill set.  See more info and testimonials here.
*Also available as private lessons.  Contact us for further information.  Featured in courses and webinars at:

FOR NON-ACTORS:  Intro & advanced classes for adults wishing to either try or advance their skills in theater, as well as how to apply theater to their personal and professional lives— a perfect opportunity for stress-relief and self-expression.
Yearly courses and one-time workshops available.  For registration and/or further information, please contact us.


For kids/teens:  Glee Plus. A unique format combining acting, singing, and dancing, completely in English, and available as yearly courses as well as shorter workshops.
ee Plus focuses on the production process from idea to the stage, and participants take active roles in producing and performing original musical shows.
Suitable for those in grades 4-6 and 7-9.

Click here to learn more about Glee Plus.  For further information and/or registration, please contact us.

ADVANCED DRAMA:???????????????????????????????
For kids/teens.  Suitable for those with background and experience in theater.  This course focuses on scripted plays and stage acting, as well as taking part in all aspects of production, culminating in a final performance.
Suitable for grades 6+.  For registration and/or further information, please contact us.

Workshops are available for schools, suitable for various ages, English levels, and themes/topics.  Workshops take place at your school, as a one-time activity or a series of sessions.
For further information, please contact us.