Little Black Dress

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English On Stage, in cooperation with
Habima National Theatre,
proudly present
Little Black Dress:
An energetic celebration of music, fashion, and
women, fusing comedic acts with unique renditions of beloved hits by music’s female icons, including Aretha, Adele, Whitney, Beyonce, and many more…

The performance is completely in English, and is of course also suitable for men!

Little Black Dress features an all-female production team including dynamic musicians on stage, as well as talented professional singers and actresses wearing dresses designed exclusively for the production, continuously restyled throughout the show. Scroll down below to see video, upcoming show info, reviews, photos, and details about the production team.



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“A delightful musical delicacy…”
–Chaim Noy, theater critic, IPA (see full review here in Hebrew, see English translation here).

“Assured, professional, lively, and a vocal treat.”
–Helen Kaye, The Jerusalem Post (see full review here).

“The singers sound epic, the jokes are so funny I was literally crying from laughter…”
— Kristof Steiner, White City Boy (see full review here).

“You cannot sit in front of this performance without having to move and connect with the music.”
–Meirav Gat, Saloona (see full review here in Hebrew, see English translation here).

“The show fuses music, fashion, and humor, a winning combination for a fun night…”
–Corny, Saloona (see full review here in Hebrew, see English Translation here).

“Simply wonderful and delightfully entertaining…”
— (see full review here)

“Fab sexy women with equally sexy and strong voices… A sweet evening of entertainment…”
–Sweet Tel Aviv (see full review here), also featured in Secret Tel Aviv Magazine.

“…I would encourage men to attend a future performance… it’s a good date night out or a treat for a dad to take his daughter, or a son to take his mom…”
— David Rhodes, Times of Israel (see full review here).

“Lively, stylish, interesting, amusing, toe-tapping, joyful and unique… Finally, you can enjoy Israeli theater in English…”
— (see full review here)


ADDITIONAL PHOTOS (courtesy of Herschel Gutman Photography) :

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Shir3-4webSHIR ZELINGER (Musical Dir., Vocals) has extensive Beit Zvi production experience, including Chicago, Les Miserables, and Twelfth Night.  Currently performs in Billie Elliot (NMC United/Galim Prod.), Romeo & Juliet (Gesher Theatre), The Sound of Music (Oded Feldman Productions), and Evita (Habima National Theater).
Training: Beit Zvi Academy.

Noeat-webNOEAT KEDEM (Vocals) has extensive Beit Zvi prod. experience, including Funny Girl, Antigone, The Philistines, and Twelve Angry Women. Also performed in Go From Your Land (ind.), Father’s Girls (Hashahar Theatre), and English On Stage’s Tom’s Diner.
Training:  Beit Zvi Acad.


TAMAR BETTELHEIM (Vocals) has extensive Beit Zvi prod. experience including Spring Awakening, La Casa De Bernarda, The Pillars of Society, Steal, and West Side Story.  Tamar has also performed in English On Stage’s Tom’s Diner. Training:  Beit Zvi Acad., Telma Yellin National School of the Arts.

MORAN MEISELS (Piano, Vocals) has extensive experience as pianist & singer-songwriter, and has composed for various award-winning theatrical productions.  She’s collaborated with many musical artists, including Arik Sinai, Avi Greinich, Kobi Oz, and Lea Shabat, to name a few.  Moran is currently completing her debut album (prod.Eyal Mazig). Training: Rimon School of Music.

IMG_9505a-bw-webMEIRAV ZUR (Co-Creator, Writer, Dir.,Transitions) has performed in various independent stage & screen roles. Training: Georgia State University.  Meirav founded English On Stage in 2005, subsequently writing, directing, and performing in its productions, and coaches unique theater workshops & classes in English for children and adults.

WendyLehmann-bwWENDY LEHMANN
(Co-Creator, Production Stylist) owns House of Colour Israel, and has over 25 years experience working in the UK on a range of interior & fashion style projects for TV, fashion, props shoots, event styling, and home staging.  Wendy has been English On Stage’s Costume Stylist & Set Designer for Tom’s Diner and the Glee Plus National Competition. She also lectures on personal branding, runs style workshops and undertakes individual personal styling.

EfratBesandilov-bwEFRAT BESANDILOV (Dress Designer) is a fashion designer, trained in Maltab College of Holon, designs and creates unique styles here in Israel. She designs for various fashion productions nationally and worldwide, and has worked with Israeli and international fashion icons and companies, including Tahounia Rubel and Flyfoot. Her designs can be viewed and purchased online.

YANIV AZIKRI (Bass Guitar) and ITAY ABRAMSKY (drums).