The Cuckoo Clock

FOR CHILDREN> THE CUCKOO CLOCK (Click here for Hebrew  לעברית)

Go inside a clock and discover cooperation and self-worth!

cuckoo-bigThis musical children’s play in English tells the story of animals who live inside a cuckoo clock. They encounter a problem when their beloved cuckoo bird is in trouble.
How will they survive in the clock on their own? 
Target Audience:
Grades 3-4 (EFL) 
50 minutes, including an interactive session.

School bookings receive a special Teacher’s Enrichment Booklet  prior to the show, including pre- and post-play activity suggestions!



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“…It simply exceeded our expectations…”
Bar-Lev Elementary School, Petah Tikva

“Wonderful! The integration of songs with music the children were familiar with was very successful!”
–Dekel Elementary School, Ra’anana

“It was a very successful experience. The pupils still talk about it. Today I talked about a clock, so the pupils said ‘cuckoo clock’! Everyone learnt from the experience and had a good time.”
–MAMAD Elementary School, Givat Ze’ev

“…Charming play, wonderful actors, and courteous and caring service…”
–English Language Learning Center, Rehovot

“The students became very involved in the show and were eager to participate and show off their English skills!”
–Ziv Elementary School, Ra’anana


MEIRAV ZUR (Ladybug, writing) has produced & performed in numerous stage productions across Israel in both English and Hebrew, including TV & film roles, student films, and promotional films. Training: Georgia State University.  Meirav founded English On Stage in 2005, produces special events such as the National Glee Plus Competition, and coaches workshops & classes.


NOA HAR-PAZ (Hamster, music) has performed as Julia in Romeo and Juliet and Eleanor (Tel Aviv, ind.), Abandoned Property (Tzavta theater, ind.), and sings in her own original production, Love is The Whole Story (Hebrew, ind.).  Noa’s screen work includes student films and films of the international 48-Hour Film Project.  Training:  Tel Aviv University.  Noa has been performing in several of English On Stage’s productions & workshops since its founding.


WendyLehmann-bwWENDY LEHMANN (New Adaptation Production Stylist) owns House of Colour Israel, and has over 25 years experience working in the UK on a range of interior & style projects for TV, fashion, props shoots, event styling, and home staging.  Wendy has been English On Stage’s Costume Stylist & Set Designer for Little Black Dress, Tom’s Diner and the Glee Plus National Competition. She also lectures on personal branding, runs style workshops and undertakes individual personal styling.