New Neighbor


Dispel prejudices and meet a new friend!

neighbor-bigThis musical children’s play in English is about an apartment building full of interesting characters who reluctantly receive a mysterious new neighbor.

Target Audience:
Grades 5-6 (EFL)

Duration: 50 minutes,
including interactive scenes during the play.


Schools who order this play will receive a special Teacher’s Enrichment Booklet
prior to the show, including pre-and post-play activity suggestions!


NewNeighbor2 New Neighbor1 NewNeighbor4 NewNeighbor3



“The preparation process offered to our classes before the arrival of the play was impressive… Our students enjoyed a special experience, as English was ‘brought to life’ so remarkably in the play…”
–Shelanu Elementary School, Tel Mond

“It was a wonderful show, the actors were very funny and the English was clear- which was important!”
— MAMAD Noam Tushiya Elementary School, Kfar Meymon


MEIRAV ZUR has produced & performed in numerous stage productions across Israel, TV & film roles, student films, and promotional films. Training: Georgia State University.  Meirav founded English On Stage in 2005, is part of the Maniact improv ensemble, produces special events such as the National Glee Plus Competition, and coaches workshops & classes.


NOA HAR-PAZ has performed as Julia in Romeo and Juliet and Eleanor (Tel Aviv, ind.), Abandoned Property (Tzavta theater, ind.), and sings in her own original production, Love is The Whole Story (Hebrew, ind.).  Noa’s screen work includes student films and films of the international 48-Hour Film Project.  Training:  Tel Aviv University.  Noa has been performing in several of English On Stage’s productions & workshops since its founding.