Professional Traveling Theater in Israel

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  From start to finish, including our interactive sessions— COMPLETELY IN ENGLISH.

Neither.  We are a professional theater, created and driven by English-speaking trained and experienced actors and theater professionals who get paid for their work.

We are a traveling theater, with mobile sets.  We usually perform across Israel at the location that orders our productions, although we do occasionally perform at public venues.
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Most of our productions are privately booked (schools, private venues, special events, etc.) so we naturally do not publicize these dates.  We do occasionally have performances open to the public at theaters and cultural venues, and everyone is welcome to buy tickets and enjoy the show.  We post our upcoming performances on our website (look for Public Performances), on our Facebook page, and in our Newsletters which can arrive directly to your inbox when you sign up (free).
For private bookings, contact us.

No.  We create our plays for everybody.  We don’t expect EVERY non-English-speaking person in our audience to understand every word in our production, but rather understand the play as a whole.  We make sure that our productions contain different “levels” of comprehension, so that EVERY person in our audience— English-speaking or not, young or old—  is entertained within an authentic English-language experience.

Simply choose a production or workshop, choose a date or two to check our availability, and complete the booking process.  You can contact us and we’ll take it from there. 

Yes!  We have several types of workshops, and ALL can be tailored to the group participating.  Contact us for any further information.

We usually post any open audition notices on our Facebook page.  If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can contact us, we’d love to get to know more English-speaking professional actors and actresses!

Unfortunately, despite our countless attempts since our very first performance, we are not subsidized by any organization (we’re so unique that we can’t fit under any particular “specification” for subsidization qualification).  Fortunately, we’ve learned about some good ideas from schools who were in this situation and got creative:  Create a theatrical “event” by inviting parents and selling tickets at modest prices, request assistance from your local municipality, request financial consideration from the parent board, make a “bulk order” with other schools in the area (every school still gets its own performance, contact us for details), or contact your English Inspector to bring attention to the importance of having this performance at your school.

We have performed at numerous religious schools in Israel.  That said, we understand there are different “degrees” of religious schools and what they deem appropriate or inappropriate.  Please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Yes.  We have productions that can be tailored to your specific event (for adults or children or both), as well as workshops that can be tailored to your specific needs.   Contact us for more details.

We create our productions with the EFL/ESL audience in mind (see #5).  Once our shows are created and ready to be performed, we perform several pilot shows to “test-run” the performance in front of the target audience before its official release.   Also, we provide a Teacher’s Enrichment Booklet with every play (and some workshops) that are sent to the teacher or school prior to the performance.  This booklet has photocopy-ready activities and activity suggestions related to the play’s content and vocabulary, including vocabulary lists, activity sheets, and extensive project guides.  Also, over the years we’ve had performances in front of audiences who were not prepared beforehand and still understood and enjoyed their English-language experience.

Do you have any questions not answered here?  Please contact us to get answers.