Professional Traveling Theater in Israel

Mystery Box

Look and listen closely, and maybe YOU can solve the mystery…

A musical mystery about rival detectives, each on a separate mission
to solve the same problem. 
Could each one use the other’s help, as well as that of the audience,
in order to solve the mystery?

45-50 minutes.

Target Audience:

Grades 4-6 EFL/ESL

For Schools:

School bookings receive a special Teacher’s Enrichment Booklet  prior to the show, including pre- and post-play activity suggestions!



“The children were really excited by the play and showed a lot of knowledge. We'd definitely love to see you again in the future.”
Yitzhak Navon Elementary
“...The Enrichment Booklet was very helpful prior to the performance... We'll use the Enrichment Booklet afterwards as well.”
Kehilaty Bet Elementary
Kfar Horfesh



(Detective Snoop, writing)
has produced & performed in numerous stage productions across Israel in both English and Hebrew, including TV & film roles, student films, and promotional films. Training: Georgia State University.  Meirav founded English On Stage in 2005, subsequently writing, directing, and performing in most of its productions, and also coaches workshops & classes for all ages.


(Detective Sleuth)
has performed as Julia in Romeo and Juliet and Eleanor (Tel Aviv, ind.), Abandoned Property (Tzavta theater, ind.), and sings in her own original production, Love is The Whole Story (Hebrew, ind.).  Training:  Tel Aviv University.  Noa has been performing in several of English On Stage’s productions & workshops since its founding.